Saucy Panner (cottage cheese)wrap

Yummy Saucy panner wrap is a healthy snack which is made up of whole wheat flour.After I made panner bhurji (see previous blog) though to give a new look to it and the result is a wrap.Hope you will like my idea.


1.Pannner bhurji (detailed recipe in my blog)

2.Dough made up of whole wheat flour

3.A big size paratha

4.Tomato catch up

How to make it-

At,First prepare a soft dough using wheat flour salt and water. Cover with a lid and let it stay for 15 min.Then make a small paratha as shown in the pic and smear little oil and fold it in the hexagonal shape.Then make it further large till it not so thin or thick.

Then Heat the Tawa and put the paratha as it gets heated and change it side it after one side is cooked.Then smear little oil in both the sides and fry it till it gets evenly fried   and turns golden brown.Now switch off the flame and Bring it on a paper towel. Now add the panner sbhurji stuff and tomato catch up and roll into a shape of a wrap.Wrap the bottom with the help of a paper.Enjoy your saucy panner wrap.

Process in pics-



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