Paneer Bhurji(scrambled cottage cheese )

Cottage cheese is a  very rich source of protein which is one among the favourite supplement for vegetarians. The dish today I am going to demonstrate is a simple and quick yet tasty one which will be liked by kids to adults.It will go well with wraps or any Indian bread.


1.Onion -2 chopped into small pieces

2.Tomato -2 chopped into small pieces chillis -2 chopped into small pieces

4.1/2 inch ginger finely chopped

5.boiled green peas

6.cumin seed, mustard seed

7. catch chat masala

8.Maggie masala -1 pct

9. 100- gram cottage cheese(panner) grated

How to make it-

At first Heat the pan with 2 tablespoons of oil and splutter some cumin seeds and mustard seeds.then Add the chopped chillis and ginger to it and saute it for 30 sec.Then add the onion and fry it till it turns translucent.Now you can add the tomato, boiled peas and salt and cook it for 2 min.Then add grated panner along with maggie masala and catch chat masala to it and cook for another 2 min.your panner bhurji is ready.

You can have it with all Indian bread or can stuff in a wrap and sandwitch.

To know more see my next blog to make panner wrap using this.

Process in pics-


One Comment Add yours

  1. Toshita Thanapati says:

    I totally love this dish.I have already cooked it today.It’s really very simple & tasty .


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