Crispy herbs uttapam

Crispy herbs Uttapam is a complete combination of Indian uttapam with green herbs such as coriander leaves with spring onion which goes well with spicy hot chutney  which I shared already.Hope you all will like this.Let’s see the process in details.


1.1 cup of soaked split black gram ( urad dal )

2.1 cup of soaked boiled rice

3.chopped coriander leaves

4.chopped spring

5.chopped green chilli

6.salt as per requirement

How to make it-

First, we need to grind the split black gram and rice separately.Then add both the batter into a bowl and add salt as per your requirement.Then add all the chopped herbs (coriander leaves, spring onion, green chilli) and make a consistency which is not so watery or not so dense. Then heat the pan grease it with one spoon of oil and put the batter on it and try to make a thick round shape.After this, we can cover it with a lid till the colour at the top changed from white to off white.then we can turn it and add some oil to the edges to avoid sticking to the pan.After both side gets golden brown take it to a plate and serve with spicy hot chutney.

Process in pics-






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