Hot Red chuttney

Hot Red chutney is an irresistible spicy chutney which can go well with idly, dosa, uttapam, any type Indian stuffed paratha.Hope the recipe will help others to feel the taste of south Indian flavour.


1.roasted ground nuts)

2.split Bengal gram (chana dal)

3.cloves of garlic-4-5

4. red Kashmiri chillis-3 onion cut into dices

6.choriander leave tomato cut into dice

8.small piece of seedless tamarind

9.panchphoran for tampering

10.bay leaves

How to make it-

Take a pan and hit it with 2 tablespoons of oil, after it gets heat add the Bengal gram (ground nuts also you can add if not roasted) and red chillis followed by onion.after it gets little brown add the tomato and tamarind to it.

After it is cooked properly keep aside to cool down.after it cools down add the roasted ground nuts and salt as per taste and pour into the mixer jar and grind it till it gets smooth.

tamper it with panchphoran and bay leaves and your tangy spicy hot chutney is ready.

Process in pics-


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