Lasuni Latpata Chicken

This is a dry chicken recipe which goes well with all Indian bread as a side dish or you can have it as a starter also.

Ingredients- (for two servings)


1. chicken -300 gram

2.boiled eggs-2

3.garlic-10-15 cloves onion-20-30

5.1 big onion with 2 red chilli paste

6.1 teaspoon coriander seeds

7.Everest meat masala 2 tablespoon

8.turmeric powder  1 teaspoon chillis -2

10.coriander leaves-3-4 strands

11.3-4 tablespoon mustard oil.

12.1 Big tomato

How to make-

Heat the pan and add 3-4 tablespoon of mustard oil and add whole coriander seeds and two green chillis to it.After it splutters add baby onion and uncut garlic cloves to it and fry it for 2 min till it gets translucent.then add onion and chilli paste to the pan followed by turmeric powder and fry till it gets separated from oil.then add the chicken pieces, salt and Everest meat masala mix it and cover it with a lid. Stir it in 10 min interval till it gets 90 % cooked.Then add tomato pieces and cover the lid to cook it again for 10 min.Then check whether the chicken is cooked properly then mix the tomato pieces until it gets disappear.

Then for garnishing pour it into a bowl and garnish with half pieces of eggs and coriander leaves.

Process on clicks…..


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